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Pamela Moore

Posted by [email protected] on September 26, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Pamela Moore reset the established norms of the metal music genre this summer with her breakout LP, “Resurrect Me.”

(25 Aug 2013)

In an era of talentless “demon screaming” and “overdubs” a phoenix has risen. But, is the establishment ready for a change in direction? They may not be, due to their own interests, but, I and many others are getting tired of the “crap” we keep getting fed by Metal radio and their lack of ability to spotlight all the wonderful and creative musicians in Metal today. I wish I could tell you this LP will catch fire and not only get the recognition it deserves but also redirect the Metal genre for the betterment of mankind but with the current state of Metal being “confused” at best, it is likely this album will be underexposed and therefore never really appreciated. So, it is up to the community to get behind Pamela and drive this albums success.

I have been listening to this album for over a month now and several things struck me as “noteworthy.” First, Out of the 10 songs on the album, all are solid and fit logically in order. I review music all the time and I can’t tell you how many times I either lose interest in or find gaping holes in the album as a whole. I listened from start to finish and then wished for 1-2 more songs. I kept saying things like, “Damn, this girl rocks!” and other expletives not suitable for this post. It really blew my mind and was the best listening experiences I have had in quite some time. Second, Pam’s voice is incredible. In the “Awakening” track she go’s off on a tear. I got goosebumps and a chill up my spine when I first heard that song. Michael Posch, who is credited with guitars, bass, keys and orchestration is a genius and these two collaborating was a match made in heaven. 

Listed below is each track as it appears on the album with my side notes.

1. Acquiescent- Pam waists no time letting you know this is a Heavy Metal experience. Driven by power vocals and driving guitars “ACQUIESCENT” eases any anxieties you may have about front-women in Metal having the same kick-ass edge as other males in the genre.

2. Melt into you- An otherwise basic metal song is taken to new heights with Micheal’s guitar shreds melting into Pam’s vocals and transforming the fabric of this song. 

3. Paranoia- A clever industrial back feel is the perfect intro to the mechanical workings of the human mind and complexity of the psyche.

4. We are damaged- Very well placed instrumentals and clever adds make this a standout song on the album. I love how the kids saying the national anthem ends with a guitar lick. This is a common theme throughout the album, Pam often slows it down just to intro a tasty guitar jam.

5. Resurrect me- One of the best songs on the album. Nice acoustic intro, well placed bells (fyi. bells and metal almost always equals AWESOME!) I don’t know what else to say about this one- Total Jam!

6. The sky is falling-  Mystical overtones and whispers combined with great guitars made me throw up my own air guitar and horns. Ends with “there’s a crack in the sky and I wonder why” I wonder why too…could have been my air guitar…maybe.

7. Awakening- As earlier mentioned Awakening is a rare moment in song writing which taps directly into the senses and blows the mind. Starts slow and ends huge, well done Pam, this is a masterpiece.

8. Breaking down- This may not be a song you want to play for your boys at the next B-B-Q but it fits well into the album and is a wonderful song. It’s slower sweat lyrics give your mind a chance to rest and reflect a little. Even the most hardened metal head has a sensitive side.

9. Desperate by design- Solid instrumentals and vocals but a bit flat in terms of lyrics, at least for me. With that said by this point in the album I’m digging the overall vibe so much it didn’t bother me at all.

10. Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising)- There is nothing ambiguous about this song. Pamela Moore has risen to the forefront. This is a solid album start to finish and stands head and shoulders above most Metal albums today.

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