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Helena Micy

Posted by [email protected] on October 5, 2013 at 11:40 AM

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Helena Micy’s Unique Song Writing Approach Shapes R'N'B

(5 Oct 2013)

You may have noticed, there are many artist and genres recognized here at Street Rock Review. To date however, only five percent of the artists reviewed were ever posted on the site and of that five percent, I have only felt compelled to write full blogs on four artists. Our mission is to provide indie artists a platform to be exposed globally and the vision of this “Editor’s Choice” blog is to highlight artists pushing the boundaries of select genres of music. While looking over the site and shifting a few things around this week, I was struck by how many artists featured have taken elements of different genre’s and merged those elements together to set themselves apart from an otherwise oversaturated pool of upstart musicians. It’s this ability which set them apart from other music we normally review. You see, there are thousands of talented musicians which have limited themselves to a “brand” and the more famous an artist becomes the more pressure they find in staying true to and adhering strictly to a certain approach to the creative process. So, in choosing the artist for this blog, I intentionally selected a musician whose creativity is not stifled by anyone else’s expectations and approaches music as just that…music!

You may listen to Helena and think, Oh, this is R'N'B or maybe Soul but hang on a moment. “Don’t change” has a classical Piano lead in and “Leave me alone” is driven by classical guitar. That’s not the R'N'B I’m used to. But what is it exactly, I was expecting from R'N'B? In fact R'N'B has itself been “branded” with certain beats we have all become very familiar with. So, maybe we need to start from scratch and redefine R'N'B. Well, that’s exactly what Helena is doing. It’s not a complete departure from but an enhancement to the depth of the R'N'B listening experience. Classical, Blue’s and Soul. Classical sounds found throughout all genres of music, a Blue’s approach to storytelling and a Soulful expression of the artist emotions.

There are so far only 3 songs to review from Helena; the first song I reviewed is called “Listen.” From a reviewers perspective this is really the most interesting of the songs I heard. There is certainly an inspiration, but whatever it was is very much cloaked. I should imagine that there will be many people deciphering the lyrics for quite some time. As for me, I don’t fully understand the inspiration and I don’t feel it necessary to try hard at understanding it either. It’s the music of this song driving the message and words are really only used to incite deeper universal feelings. Have you ever listened to a song and come away with no real feeling about it whatsoever? Sure you have and I as well. That’s because the artist did not spent any time crafting their approach to evoke emotion. It’s not an easy thing to do and they may be content to create music which is catchy in some way but says absolutely nothing and therefor triggers no emotional response from the listener at all. On the song “Listen” Helena took a lot of time writing and crafting her approach, as a result she created a song as emotional as it is powerful.

Let’s look at the lyrics first. As I said earlier I didn’t really understand the inspiration completely in the song “Listen.” Helena most likely intended it that way. So she uses single words and short phrases to create the emotion. Some listeners will not be actively listening to pick up on these subtleties so the next step is the instrumentals, which again carefully crafted, match the emotion in the song the writer wishes the listener to feel, and then the vocal delivery should also match that same emotion. As a result of this approach you convey everything about what it is you are wanting to say without actually saying it, strait out. You may be asking yourself, why not just say what you want to say strait out then? There could be any number of reasons for this, in this case it makes the topic which triggered the feelings in the songwriter and the emotions felt by that event continually delivered over the entire course of the song without getting so heavy as to turn the listener away from the music. To me this ability and approach to song writing say’s a lot about how an artist’s feels about music and how dedicated they are to creating an amazing experience for the listener.

The second reason I decided to write this blog is to highlight depth and imagination in Helena's music making process. A great artist recognizes that there are sounds throughout all genres of music which can bring depth to their songs and anyone inspiring to create truly great works, dabbles in as many of these instruments and sounds as possible. Let’s say I have a Rock band and I use bass, drums and electric guitar as do most all other bands in the genre. Few of these bands will make it very far not because they are not creating something good but because the sound is similar to so many other artist. There is really nothing there to set them apart. Helena’s music is R'N'B but she understands that the piano and guitar are instruments she can bring to give her songs further depth and it does. As a result it’s not another genre of music created but a more sophisticated and unique sound which helps set her apart. I imagine that as Helena continues to grow with music so will her artistry in combining sounds to create ever expanding and deeper feelings of emotion.

Couple these talents with an amazing vocal delivery and what’s created is something extraordinary. Helena sings with a passion and power which is very much engaging, believable and memorable. The listener comes away with a feeling of conviction, optimism, confidence and strength, which I think, communicate directly to a generation of independent believers. Her lyrics are a flagship for young adults, grown up fast and perhaps under less than perfect circumstances and they shine as an external spiritual force, invigorating ones inner determination and courage.

I am excited about Helena and what she brings to R'N'B and Music in general. Her song writing approach is fascinating, her understanding of triggered emotion through lyrics, instrumental and vocals is imaginative and her experimentation with various instruments to create the best possible listening experience combine to launch what I believe is the next “BIG THING” in R'N'B, Helena Micy.

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